Painting for Twenty Years, 1992-2012

Zineb Guérout at the Espace Riquet : « Painting for Twenty Years, 1992 – 2012 »

Art Media Agency (AMA) – Published on 11 October 2012 –

Béziers (France), 10 October 2012.


French painter Zineb Guérout will present at the Espace Riquet, Béziers, from 30 October to 30 December 2012, the exhibition “Painting for Twenty Years, 1992-2012”. The opening will be on 9 November, 7 pm.

Among the works on display, some paintings recall an oneiric and surreal world, modelled by the outlines of her “dense, hard and rich” life. From figurative symbolism to abstraction, and never fully belonging to one or the other, Guérout has evolved throughout twenty years and has notably achieved a progressive purification, influenced by her exhibitions along with abstract painters, especially painter of the geometric abstraction.

Her paintings display a dynamic interplay between the form, space and light, making each unique. Large coloured areas recall Rothko’s great paintings, where depth is created, and a penetrable coloured space. The red colour, so emblematic of her works, represents something between the body and the soul.

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